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Real Mexican Rebozos - More Than 60 Styles to Choose From

Were you wondering where you can find the best online range of Mexican Rebozos in the UK with FREE UK SHIPPING?  I guess look no further! More Than Tacos really is the best place in the UK to buy Authentic Handwoven Mexican Rebozos online. As you can see from the pic we have many different styles and colours of rebozo in stock all the time. We have 100% Cotton Rebozos as well as Synthetic Blend Rebozos and our Artisan Made Rebozos range from a modest 157cm (5ft) to an incredibly long 350cm (11ft 5inches). As always we continue to work closely with our producers to ensure that we are only sourcing the best quality ethically produced rebozos from artisan collectives...


Helpful Online Mexican Rebozo Size Guide

We now have a Helpful Online Mexican Rebozo Size Guide alongside all our Rebozos on our product pages so it is even easier for you to buy Authentic Handmade Mexican Rebozos Online...


5 Star Reviews for MoreThanTacos on Trustpilot...

We are now live on Trustpilot so when you buy Mexican Rebozos and Mexican Shopping Bags online from MoreThanTacos you can leave us a 5star review! Simply click here to leave us a review now. We want 5star reviews on Trustpilot of course but we welcome ALL feedback. We want to continue to be the best place in the UK to buy Real Mexican Rebozos and Mexican Market Bags. So get to it! Leave a review now!   


NEW Super Limited Stock Bi-Colour Rebozos Just In!!!!!

AMAZING NEW SUPER RARE BI-COLOUR REBOZOS NOW IN STOCK!!! At last they are here! We came across these rebozos by chance over a month ago and bought everything the maker had. It’s taken a while but these beautiful authentic Mexican 100% cotton rebozos have finally made the long trip here so you can now buy these rebozos online in the UK - as google likes to say 😁😁😁 So whether you are looking for a really nice handwoven scarf or rebozo to give as a gift or you’re a Doula, a Midwife or an expectant mother looking for something to help you through pregnancy we know these will be perfect! We haven’t seen these unique cotton rebozo colour combinations anywhere...