Medium Rodrigo Piggy Bag

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These super fun Rodrigo Piggy Bags come from the town of Tepoztlan beneath El Tepozteco, an archaeological site in the Mexican state of Morelos. Here there is a small pyramid to Tepoztecatl - the Aztec God of Pulque. Rodrigo’s Family have Mastered the art of Hand Knitting Palm Fibre to make marvellous Homewares and Bags. Rodrigo Piggy Bags can take up to 10 hours to make, from selecting and colouring the palm fibre to knitting and finishing it.

Rodrigo is the More Than Tacos Brand Ambassador. He represents the Heart and Soul of Mexico. He is always Happy and Cheerful – although that could possibly be the Pulque!

The Magic town of Tepoztlan has kept this amazing secret for generations and now you have it in your hands!

approx internal dimensions L20cm x H10cm