Our Top 5 Customer Favourites From 2022 Revealed

What a year for MoreThanTacos!


It seems even more people wanted to buy our real authentic handmade Mexican Rebozos for Pregnancy, Labour, Birth and Baby Carrying and since we added eBay and Etsy to our channels we’ve gone from strength to strength! 



Also, we took a leap and decided to really reach out to our European customer base and it really worked out! We saw a massive increase in the number of orders for Handmade Mexican Rebozos coming from all across Europe including countries like France, Spain, Germany and Italy.



So here’s our Top 5 Customer Favourites from 2022


In 5th Place

1.9m (6ft 3in) Arrow Design Multi Coloured Artisanal Mexican Rebozo Shawl (190cmx85cm)

You loved this style of rebozo. It is not our longest but probably one of our widest and comes in a vast array of different really bright colours.


In 4th and 3rd Place

Diamond Pattern and ZigZag Pattern Classic Artisanal Mexican Rebozo Shawl (195cmx67cm)


Actually, these are both the same type of rebozo its just that there are two types of design - Diamond Pattern and ZigZag pattern. Again they come in a vast array of different colours and are really good value if you are looking for a simple and effective baby carrier. Theyre great when matched with a pair of our Coloured Sling Rings.

In 2nd Place

150cm Handmade Coloured Pompom String Garland with 20 Pom Poms

Everybody loves pompoms right! These pompom string garlands are a particular speciality in Mexico and they have just been flying out of the warehouse all year - particularly around the run up to Pride 

And Finally - In First Place.....

2.1m (6ft 10in) Classic 100% Cotton Mexican Rebozo (210cm x 65cm)


Its a classic for a reason! These Classic 100% Cotton Mexican Rebozos are absolutely the perfect choice for Pregnancy, Labour, Birth and Baby Carrying - They are an essential tool of the trade for Doulas and Massage Therapists. Woven by a small artisan group in Mexico for us using traditional loom techniques, they encompass everything a traditional rebozo represents so its no wonder they are our Number One Selling Rebozo!

Thanks for taking the time to read about our Top 5 Customer Favourites For 2022.

We hope this helps when you are looking to buy a real handmade Mexican rebozo for Pregnancy, Labour, Birth and Baby Carrying.