More Than Tacos, Mothers Day and Me

My name is Mirtha Teresa Garduño González and I started More Than Tacos almost three years ago today. 


I grew up in Central South Mexico, in Morelos county where the avocado trees at my grandmother’s house were my earliest memory, along with the smells coming from the kitchen. I would sit in her washing basket watching the sunlight come through the purple Bugambilias flowers on the patio and I remember falling asleep there listening to the songs of the crickets. I would always wonder why they only performed at night. 


My Abuela (Grandmother) on my Father's side was an indigenous Mexican from the Mazahua community of Ixtlahuaca. She spoke Náhuatl – the ancient language of the Aztecs. I remember her strong character and her vivid laugh. I loved listening her stories about her pueblo (old town) and her childhood. Her life was full of ghosts and fantastic characters. She did much to shape my understanding of life and is a constant reminder of the links I have to my Mexican heritage. 


My Abuela on my mothers side died when she was young which meant my Great Grandmother played an important role in our lives. She was from Guadalajara in Jalisco county. I remember her white hair and warm heart. She was also full of amazing stories. They grew up very poor during the Mexican Revolution. She remembered her own mother sitting her children around the fire whilst pretending to cook just to make them fall asleep - the pot however was always filled with stones as there was no food. She remembered that with fondness though because her mother always did everything she could to keep them safe and together as a family. 


And so to my mum, the sunshine of my life, the woman with the biggest heart I know. She has supported every crazy plan I’ve had – including More Than Tacos. She has encouraged my prolific imagination, she has always been able to read my mind and knows things about me I don’t even know! She has always shared everything she ever had with me. She has protected me and loved me just as I am, never asking for anything in return.  


I feel so honoured that I come from a line of Mexicans who loved life and lived life to the full. I come from a rare mixture of inherent hapiness and inevitable nostalgia. More Than Tacos is the result of all the love I have for my family, my roots and my country. More Than Tacos is authentic, Mexican and unique. I have worked hard to bring a little piece of my beloved Mexico and its people to the UK. My dream is to be able to keep supporting the Artisans and communities that have kept the Mexican traditions alive and to let the world know that Mexican culture is a lot more than tacos. 


Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers!