New Stock Alert!!! Over 50 Different Styles of Rebozo Now Available

More Than Tacos really is the best place to buy authentic traditional handmade Mexican Rebozos in the UK! 

We now have over 50 different new styles of rebozo to choose from.

If you like shopping around for rebozos, scarfs and shawls you won’t be disappointed as we are pretty sure we have the biggest range of Mexican Rebozos in the UK!

Take a look at what we have:

Super Long Mexican Cotton Rebozos - £35

ZigZag Pattern Mexican Rebozos - £25

Diamond Pattern Mexican Rebozos - £25

Artisanal Mexican Cotton Rebozo - £20

ps - If you are a Doula supporting women through labour, birth and beyond including the closing of the bones then you will definitely want to join the growing group of Doulas who are buying our Super Long Mexican Cotton Rebozos.