Las Posadas!


I couldn't be happier to be in Mexico with my family right now as my granny is organising the first Posada of the year!!!

Now that you have your piñata ready let me tell you a bit of what a Posada is. Las Posadas is Spanish for lodging or accommodation, which in this case refers to the inn in the story of the nativity of Jesus. “Las posadas” were originally nine days of religious observance beginning on December 16th and ending on December 24th.

Nowadays Posadas are more like a winter celebration to hang out with your friends and family, nevertheless they are very important in Mexican tradition so we figured out you’d perhaps like to organise yours and celebrate with us!

But wait!!!, there are quiet few things you must take care of while planning a posada:

1. Invite all your friends and family

2. Get a Piñata and choose a venue with an open space to break the piñata in it

3. Make sure you have a delicious Ponche which is a traditional Mexican beverage 

4. Get Tamales for dinner 

5. Get Buñuelos or Churros for dessert

6. Get ready to sing few Villancicos

Yeah, I know it is quite a challenge to get all that in the UK, but guess what? It actually doesn't matter even if you just stop by your nearest shop and get sandwiches, wine and crisps. The important thing about having a Posada is to be with your family and friends. So feel free to Anglicise our tradition - just enjoy it and have fun!

With love,


ps. I am a handbag, not a piñata! he he he