How to keep your 100% Mexican Wool garments looking and feeling good... according to my Nan!


When I left my hometown to go to College in Mexico City my nan told me,

-"Rodrigo, I will pass my biggest secrets to you now"

I obviously thought she was going to reveal the most amazing ancient secrets preserved in my family and passed through generations for hundreds of years, but no. Instead she taught me how to cook my favourite tacos, how to pick a good avocado in the market (essential in life by the way!) and how to take care of my handmade woollen ponchos...

“Wool is a delicate natural fibre that could shrink and become misshapen if it is not treated properly when washed Rodrigo” - she said very seriously!

And then she added - “Listen carefully”...

  • Wash wool less frequently
  • Air the wool garments frequently
  • Wash darks and lights separately
  • Use a gentle detergent, preferably one designed especially for wool
  • Hand-wash the garment in cold water
  • Gently press or squeeze the wool instead of rubbing it
  • Dry your wool garments flat
  • If you chose to use the machine, soak the garment in cold water before you put it in the machine. Use a cold water cycle. Minimize agitation in the machine.
  • And never ever tumble dry it! 

So now I am passing my nan's wisdom to you as we already know most of our Autumn/Winter Collection is made of 100% Mexican wool. I hope this has been of help and I also wish you will love your Mexican ponchos as much as I do!