Helpful Online Mexican Rebozo Size Guide

We now have a Helpful Online Mexican Rebozo Size Guide. you will also see it alongside all of our Rebozos on our product pages so it is even easier for you to buy Authentic Handmade Mexican Rebozos Online at 🐽🐽🐽

More Than Tacos is Recommended by Doulas as the place to buy your rebozo online.

But if you are looking to buy a 100% cotton rebozo online for pregnancy and birthing or a rebozo wrap for carrying your newborn it can be a little frustrating picturing the rebozo size.

We also find it particularly difficult to take photos and post pictures of our rebozos online. It is actually hard to show how large they really are.

When people buy rebozos and buy baby wraps online from they are often surprised to see how large the rebozos and wraps actually are!

Because our Mexican Rebozos range from 195cm Classic Rebozos to 2.1m 100% Cotton Rebozos and 3.5m mega long 100% Cotton Rebozos we have created a helpful rebozo size guide.

Oh and for simplicity we don’t include the tassels in our length measurements - but if you want to know just add an extra 20cm each end ie a 350cm Cotton Rebozo would become:

350cm + 20cm + 20cm = 390cm total

(For comparison, model is 170cm/5’6”)