Frida Kahlo

Frida was simply surreal, as an artist and as a person... 

I was watching the film Frida Kahlo on Netflix the other day and at the end my mom said she didn't like it because they didn't tell the truth about her life. As a Frida's admirer since my childhood I have read a lot about her life and have also visited her house the "Casa Azúl" in Coyoacán many times. I can tell you she didn't live in a dream and I wouldn't envy her life so it made me very happy to see her as a strong, happy and revolutionary woman that was years ahead of her time.

I can recommend you to start watching this documentary, perhaps you will find Frida as fascinating as I always have. And only if you are lucky enough you have already been to her exhibition "Making Her Self Up" at V&A in London.

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