Día de Muertos / Day of the Dead

Mexico is a country of traditions, flavours, colours... Mexico is a romance between reality and fantasy.

I would love to share the real meaning of Dia de Muertos with you but it is almost impossible to explain something you can only feel. Day of the Dead for Mexicans is more than just a celebration of life, it is the chance we have to share a moment with our love ones, those who have passed away. It is only our memories of them what have kept them and will always keep them alive. Día de Muertos is a party yes, but for our heart and soul...

Take a look at this BBC video about Día de Muertos. It’s filmed in Oaxaca, a magical place full of mysteries where I took my husband the first time he visited Mexico.

Celebrate life and remember your loved ones this Día de Muertos on November 2nd, make your little altar with the food, drinks and sweets they loved. Put lots of flowers, pictures and all your love on it and trust me, they will come visit you!