15% OFF 6 REBOZOS - Chakra Set SPECIAL…

It’s Simple - 15% OFF any 6 or MORE REBOZOS

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More Than Tacos is still the best place in the UK to buy real authentic l handwoven Mexican Rebozos online.

Due to popular demand (for multicoloured rebozo chakra sets and closing of the bones) we are now offering 15% discount when you buy 6 or more rebozos - and this will continue as our standard offering. 

Are you wanting to buy different coloured hand woven Mexican rebozos to make up a rainbow chakra set? No problem 😁 you can mix and match ANY combination of rebozo in our store!!!

Our rebozos are recommended by Doulas, Birth Practitioners and Midwives. They are used for Labour, Hypnobirthing, Closing of the Bones, Baby Wearing, Yoga, Massage, Chakra Sets, Holistic Bodywork and they’re nice to wear too!  

We support communities and Artisan Craftspeople across Mexico - FAST and FREE UK DELIVERY

*offer cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.