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Mini Tianguis Bag (Silver & Green 13x9x9 cm)

Mini Tianguis Bag (Silver & Green 13x9x9 cm)

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Our Tianguis Bags are more than a simple bag. These beautifully hand woven bags are made with recycled plastic by ex-offenders who are rehabilitating. 

Our Tianguis Bags became fashionable a few years ago as part of a social initiative to support prisoners in the state of Jalisco. The idea was to teach prisoners how to make crafts and sell them so they could send money to their families and learn skills to support themselves outside of prison.

The initiative was so successful that it has now been replicated to support single mothers, seniors and people in vulnerable conditions.

Our Tianguis Bags are ideal for going shopping, to the gym or to replace your backpack. Take them to camping. They are especially perfect for the beach or the local pool - just take them everywhere!

And did you know - According to ECOCE, a non-profit organization devoted to creating awareness of recycling, Mexico has a larger recycling ratio of PET waste than the European Union! - See the statistics HERE